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Since 2012 Belmoca’s uncompromising love for fresh quality coffee has led a tireless drive for innovation, which resulted in the development of superior aluminium capsule technology and packing solutions.

Belmoca’s aluminium capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original line coffee machines, and are guaranteed to deliver excellence in espresso coffee at the highest level, every single time.

Proudly Belgian, we are now active in over 80 countries. We have brought together the most talented coffee roasters, blenders, technicians, and production staff in a dedicated and creative team focused on the end consumer’s coffee experience.

Even though Belmoca has changed considerably over the past decade, the history and heart of the organisation has played a major role in making us the business we are today. We are proud to have the knowledge that helps you create the perfect coffees for today and the future. We truly believe in long-term commitment and growth, together with our partners.

Time after time, we put our shoulders to the wheel for every coffee project.

10 years of experience in the coffee business

Active in more than 80 countries with proper global distribution.

Active in more than 80 countries with proper global distribution.

Message from the CEO

Although Belmoca is a small company by number of employees, thanks to our full focus on our partners and projects, we punch way above our weight, with our efficient methods. We play to win and proudly bear the stamp of a ‘can do’ minded company. 


As a coffee company we confirm to do better than expected regarding the waste policy. Our main promises and focus revolve around the following topics:


No unnecessary travel, our drivers always take the best route to their final destination.


Produce as efficiently as possible and rotate coffee products in order to avoid aging stock. Working as closely as possible with our partners to minimise unnecessary stock.


Best use of state-of-the-art machinery while keeping equipment in ship shape. Our equipment is maintained to ensure sustainable production over a longer period of time. This also includes investment in new materials and machinery.


We take ownership if important tasks need to happen, we strive to work together toward the fastest and best final product, but do not have to wait for each other to take the next step. Open communication, taking action, flexibility and speed are important keywords to avoid waiting internally.

05Over processing

Speed, clarity and efficiency are at the forefront of our processes. If it can be simple, why make it complicated?  We choose the easy, simple and productive way which leads to the best results. There is no need for over processing, also not in our internal communication.

06Over production

To limit overstock, we plan our production as efficiently as possible. Our team contributes its best here. Proper production planning is a priority in this regard. 


Breakdowns or failures are a thing of the past thanks to our technical team, they are  always available to reduce defects to a bare minimum and take the responsibility in making our processes as smooth as possible.

08Skills underutilisation

To go the extra mile for our partners and customers, we investdaily in our people to take the company’s collective knowledge to the highest level. From internal training to external skills training, everyone can be themselves at Belmoca, strengths and good qualities are highlighted, weaknesses are embraced and dealt with together, given the opportunity for continuous training.

Bean to cup

Belmoca provides numerous coffee services, from private label and the services associated with it, to sales support for our own brand Belmio. In a flexible and hands-on way, we assist our partners and customers throughout the coffee process, from A-Z. We want to be an accessible go-to reference for any questions, a sparring partner for those who need it.

We provide services and support on all of our coffee products, beans, capsules, and others. From bean to cup indicates that we are here for you with our coffee beans, that in-house we're strong in processing the best coffee into aluminium coffee capsules, and prioritise the delivery of your coffee cup every day.

Here to stay

Within Belmoca, we strive for consistency and continuity. With a unified and positive vision, we put all our heads together, and pull in the same direction and work towards a common goal. 

Trust and open communication are basic values to achieve this consistency and continuity, and bring all our processes to a successful conclusion. Together we invest in the future of our company and in durable solutions for our partners.

Foundations - How we go the extra mile:

Above & beyond

We offer a full service from A to Z.

Customised coffee solutions

We don't avoid a challenge. Customisation and individualisation are in our DNA.

All budget solutions

As we stated in our mission, great coffee should be available for everyone. We believe that with good teamwork and a flexible approach, we can grow and form a strong collaboration, both with smaller and larger clients. 

With flexibility, efficiency and attention to detail Belmoca offers value-add services enabling our partners to succeed.

Premium quality

One of the top priorities at Belmoca is to constantly deliver outstanding quality in a safe working environment.

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