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Your preferred single-serve coffee partner since 2012

Since 2012 Belmoca’s uncompromising love for fresh quality coffee has led a tireless drive for innovation, which resulted in the development of superior aluminium compatible capsule technology and packing solutions in order to deliver excellence in espresso coffee at the highest level.

Belmoca globally

Belmoca is firmly established as one of the global leaders in coffee solutions, mainly focused on aluminium compatible coffee capsule solutions. All capsules in fact are compatible with the Nespresso original line. Keeping an eye out on the constantly evolving market trends, Belmoca maintains a flexible service-oriented attitude and outlook towards the future.

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10 years of experience in the coffee business

Active in more than 80 countries with proper global distribution.

We are located in Belgium

Certifications and Sustainability

We are continually looking for new and transparent ways to positively impact the coffee supply chain while offering a wide range of sustainably certified coffees.

Taking care of every link in the coffee chain is our utmost priority, from the people who help in growing our coffee, to the environment they live in. In fact, our coffees always bear the following three labels of certification: Rainforest Alliance, Organic or Fair Trade. Since 2018 we are using the Rainforest Alliance seal on 19 out of 23 coffee products of our whole coffee assortment. The other four coffees are organic. Check out these labels on almost all of our packaging!

Our Belmio brand

Take your coffee range to the next level with our exciting Belmio brand.

Every Belmio coffee promises an explosion of flavours and aromas from the freshly ground coffee. Try it out for yourself. Contact us for a chat, taste a Belmio cup of coffee and take a step back to unleash the experience!

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