Our blue planet will last for many generations. This should be... Pollution, inadequate recycling, emissions ... These are all everyday occurrences in our current society.

Belmoca calls for a greener world, a healthier one. We make our proper contribution to this, in the form of an aluminum diamond-shaped capsule. Producing coffee in the most ecological possible way? Only two players on the coffee market can confirm this.

Our coffee is packaged in 100% aluminum capsules. Why 100%? Both the shell and the covering of the capsule are made of aluminum. Therefore, our capsules are 100% recyclable. Unlike capsules that are made out of plastic and remain on top of the waste mountain, our capsules can be reused countless times.

Furthermore, there are even more benefits to our capsules: after crushing the freshly roasted Arabica-coffee beans, the Belmoca-coffee immediately is encapsulated in a diamond-shaped, aluminum capsule. Because the capsules are hermetically closed, the ground coffee beans don’t get in touch with oxygen. This will maintain the strong flavour and make you taste for 100% the true origin of our coffee. The rich aromas and the 180 unique flavour elements are optimally preserved and their freshness is guaranteed.

Thanks to its unique form, the capsule of Belmoca contains 20% more coffee. As a result, your Espresso tastes even more intense, your Lungo even more everlasting.

Choose aluminum capsules, choose Belmoca! Working together, we can create a better world for future generations!