Belmoca. Experience coffee.

Belmoca, a delicious Belgian coffee assortment with six flavors, each with their own character, and packed in handy aluminum capsules.  Experience these espressos, ristrettos and lungos with the modern Belmoca machines.

Always delicious and tasty coffee at home

With Belmoca, you always have the most delicious Belgian coffee at home. Always.

In addition, our unique club formula makes sure you never run out of coffee. 

  • Innovative design coffee machines;

  • Exclusive aluminum espresso capsules;

  • Choose from six delicious coffee flavors;

  • Perfect your unique coffee moment.

The story behind the most sophisticated coffee

The story of the Belmoca coffee starts with the roots of the taste, at the high-altitude coffee plantations. There, passionate coffee experts are tirelessly looking for our best blends, the most unique flavors and the softest characters.

The story